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Piyush is an entrepreneur, a process engineer, and a JIRA Administrator with Atlassian Certification. 

Grow your team faster with us

I will Guide your Business & Deliveries E2E

Manage your project deliveries smartly, fast.

We help with Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence strategy, process, implementation, cleaning up, and maintenance,


We'll plan everything easily and based on what the real business needs are.


We will coach your team on agile, scrum, etc., based on what you need.

Stay updated with automated data.

We understand the value of automated data which helps internal team as well the business clients to stay updated and Real time visibility, we can help you in this, let’s talk.

Create processes that make a difference

Keep the lights on and the shelves full.
Don’t let last-minute supply problems catch you by surprise. Make sure you’re always one step ahead by keeping track of when you need to buy things and planning ahead.

Bring your favorite tools together

Google Sheets

You can query Jira from Google Sheets and combine data from different Jira sites and projects in one place to make it easier to work with the data.

Slack / Teams

Use Slack to stop having to look through documents & emails all the time to find what you need when you need it. You can edit, look at, and comment on Slack.


With the Miro add-on, you can add sticky notes, documents, images, or videos to your Miro boards from any Jira issue. Automate the journey

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