JIRA – Process Excellence Award

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Piyush offered a JIRA workflow best practise and developed a workflow for our project within 2 days after we requested his assistance. He is a remarkable individual with extraordinary abilities.​ His work has helped us secure speculation, which is overriding evidence. He’s attained this through incredible correspondence, straightforwardness and clarity.


Alex Philips

Director at PwC

Piyush has done a great job of leading his company. We began investigating collaborations last June and his leadership was great as he continued to follow up and execute on next steps. He’s done an excellent job as a product manager and founder of Advenjo, exemplified by raising capital, getting an office and continuing his company’s build.


Cayley Wetzig

Head at ThriveDX, Ex Google

I met Piyush as a postgraduate student in University of Nottingham, on our Master degree. His gentle yet social spirit, empower him to collaborate with other people in ease. He has shown excellence on his projects proven from his leadership skills. Always up to date, organiser and problem solver, able to innovate in each step of his projects. I am confident that he can manage many more projects in a timely manner, providing excellent and qualitative results.


Elena Panagiotou

Manager at IBM IX

Can we talk over the phone?

Yes, we can, but it is preferable if we can connect directly using Zoom / Teams or any other platform; I will await your invite at

Do you manage a project as well on Remotely basis?

Yes, however it depends on the project and the type of work; I would love to assist regardless.

Can you work for free, just a suggestion

Yes, I would be delighted to discuss and provide the suggestion at no expense, so please feel at ease.